Our Difference
Unlike other brands all of the tea in our packs are grown sustainably on our own farms in the Kenyan highlands.
We are the tea farmers, growing and nurturing our teas all the way from Bush to Cup.

All of our teas are grown sustainably to the very highest quality standards.
As passionate tea farmers we manage our farms holistically to ensure future generations can enjoy the benefits of fertile soils and ancient wild forests.
All of our farms are Rainforest Alliance certified and we have our own Foundation.

Our Foundation
The Williamson Tea Foundation ensures that all our people live and work in good conditions and earn a decent living wage. The Foundation funds projects aimed at improving our farms with a particular focus on education, health and sustainability.
We have given homes to thousands of our farmers and their families, provided clinics for them and good education for their children.
We have invested in renewable energy sources, soil preservation and wildlife habitats.
Our Changoi Tea farm currently has the largest solar park in East Africa, running the factory entirely on solar power during the tea.

It pays to buy good tea.
Every cup of Williamson Tea helps to sustain our farms and their communities for generations to come.