Founded in a Warren Street basement workroom in 1949 by the current four brothers’ Uncle and Father the family business and original recipes have been handed down through the years, and the heritage of authentic Greek style yogurt made with skill and passion has remained at the heart of Tims Dairy’s ethos. You can see a short video about their history here

By stocking their multi award-winning Greek style yogurts and Kefir you will be ensuring high quality along with great taste. Choose from their big pot or medium pot range of Greek style natural, honey, vanilla, raspberry or blackcurrant. There is also an indulgent and exciting rolling limited-edition flavour to add choice to your category. The delicious creamy texture makes them a balanced healthy option for breakfast, snacking and for cooking too, and you can find plenty of recipe ideas on their website here

Going greener - Tims Dairy are dedicated to nurturing and supporting their people and their environment as responsibly as they can. They aim to do what they can as a responsible producer and employer, for now and for the future. Their pots are recycled and 100% recyclable so that they can become yogurt pots again and again, and they have removed all plastic over lids which has reduced plastic usage by over 13T per year. They are also working with Reuseabox to upcycle their cardboard boxes instead of recycling them.

Why stock Tims Dairy?

  • Made with fresh pasteurized British Milk
  • All bio-live for gut health support
  • Made with only natural ingredients