It goes without saying that Britain loves its tea – and as the craft and artisan alcohol markets show no sign of slowing down, it’s clear we also love our spirits!

As fervent fans of all things British at Noveltea we saw a clear opportunity to combine these two passions, embarking on a journey of discovery to find the world’s most perfect tea/spirit pairings imaginable.

Made exclusively in the UK and by blending the highest quality loose leaf teas (cold-brewed to extract a fuller, more rounded flavour) with a range of expertly crafted spirits, our ‘Tales’ build on Britain’s history of culinary innovation to deliver a ‘Tea with Spirit’.

The beauty of Noveltea is it is tea! And as such can be served ice cold or warmed up which means it has an all year-round appeal. Including Noveltea in your drinks range keeps you at the cutting-edge of British culinary innovation:
• Stand out in an over-saturated spirits market
• Opportunity to upsell for better (cash) margins
• A genuinely new and innovative product celebrating tea
• Combines 2 of England’s favourite pastimes
• Eye-catching branding and bottle design
• Compelling ‘narrative of discovery’
• A range of flavours to suit all customer tastes

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