About Us

We are a fine food wholesaler supplying independent retailers with quality fine food and gourmet food products sourced from the best producers from the UK and across the globe. 

We started as a distribution hub for a few small producers in the Cotswolds. The values we had then, still hold true today. Here at Cotswold Fayre we are dedicated to providing independent retailers with a complete range of top quality ambient food and drink products.

The vast majority of our suppliers are drawn from Great Britain and Ireland but we recognise that there are some products that just can’t be produced here. So, rather than limit our portfolio we also stock the finest products from around the world. An increasing number of our brands are exclusively available through Cotswold Fayre to the UK and Ireland.

Most of our suppliers are small producers that you won’t find in the major supermarkets. We differ from other wholesalers in that we work in close partnership with our suppliers, many of whom we count as friends, not just suppliers! This means that you, our customers are also ‘close’ to the people making the food and drink you are selling within your shop. Our suppliers are happy to do promotions, provide sample stock and come and do tastings for your customers.

But, we want to be more than a really good wholesaler, which is why we have supplier conferences with specialist advisors, networking events and other initiatives and run a monthly survey so that we can support your business and you, the independent retailer. Our field sales team of 8 will be able to tell you more.

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