Our People

A purpose-driven business with people at our heart.

Cotswold Fayre isn’t just about the best quality food and drink products. The people that work here, seeking out new brands, working closely with suppliers, supporting our retailers and managing the supply chain make it an enjoyable and rewarding place to be every day.

We inspire each other, challenge, innovate and have fun! Investing in personal development and career progression, health, wellbeing and happiness helps our people to achieve their goals at work and in life.

We make a difference for our people so they can make their own difference too.

External Account Managers (Field Sales Team)

Sales Director: Lawrence Moore lawrence@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

North East: Hayley Brook hayley@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07776 769270

North West: Karen Todd karen@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07584 232385

South-West up to Birmingham: Charlotte Howard charlotte@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07931 908784

Counties North of London, London and East Anglia: Tim Fernback tim@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07775 424426

Counties South of London: Lizzie Vinnicombe lizzie@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07776 763281

 National Accounts

National Account Manager: Nicola Hargreaves nicola@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07584 232384

National Account Executive: Tracy Merry tracy@cotswold-fayre.co.uk

Executive Assistant to National Accounts: Christina Papazoglou christina@cotswold-fayre.co.uk 

Executive Assistant to National Accounts: Stella Li stella@cotswold-fayre.co.uk

Internal Account Managers & Customer Services

Head of Internal Sales & Customer Relations: Lisa Pearson lisa@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Internal Account Managers 

The North, Scotland, East Anglia: Alan Haynes alan@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

South-East & London: Amber Daniels amber@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

South & South-West: Fiona Latham fiona@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Dedicated Account Manager, Ramsden International: Rosina King rosina@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  


Customer Services Team

Rachel Waters rachel@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Jonathan Ball jonathan@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Mike Pickford mike@cotswold-fayre.co.uk 

Dominique Sreekantan dominique@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Victoria Frankland victoria@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Donna Benham donna@cotswold-fayre.co.uk

Deshawn Whittaker deshawn@cotswold-fayre.co.uk

Accounts Team

Head of Finance: Rose Bennett rosebennett@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Credit Controller: Amanda Joseph amanda@cotswold-fayre.co.uk   

Purchase Ledger: Mindy Preibys mindy@cotswold-fayre.co.uk 

Accounts Assistant: Prosper Bananzi prosper@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Marketing Team

Head of Marketing: Ashton Marriott ashton@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Marketing Assistant, Digital Marketing: Natasha Marlow natasha@cotswold-fayre.co.uk 

Marketing Assistant, Graphic Design: Amy Naughton amy@cotswold-fayre.co.uk 

Marketing Assistant, Artworker: Lara Rice lara@cotswold-fayre.co.uk

Ecommerce Manager: Faye Foot faye@cotswold-fayre.co.uk 

Commercial Team

Commercial Director: Dave Truscott dave@cotswold-fayre.co.uk   

Buyer (Ambient): Laura Strapp, laura@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Buying Assistant: Katie Freeman katie@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Buyer (Chilled): Ellie Gunn ellie@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Buyer (Seasonal): Alissia Festa alissia@cotswold-fayre.co.uk 

Purchasing Manager: Robin Tyler robin@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Purchasing Assistant: Danielle Picard danielle@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  

Purchasing & Business Analyst: Ben Smales ben@cotswold-fayre.co.uk 

Impact Team

Impact Manager: Clementine De Zotti Clementine@cotswold-fayre.co.uk

Chief Exec

Paul Hargreaves, paul@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  


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