Island Bakery’s range of all-butter organic biscuits are from the Isle of Mull in the Hebrides. The biscuits are baked in a unique oven, fuelled by local and sustainable sources of wood, and all the electricity for the bakery is generated from the island’s plentiful supplies of rain and wind. The award-winning Lemon Melts are Island Bakery’s best-selling product, but there are other great varieties in the range, from the simplest shortbread through to an indulgent Chocolate Ginger.

As a certified organic producer, all our ingredients are fully traceable back to the farms they were grown on. Organic production is important to us as it is a great way of ensuring high quality food, no genetically modified ingredients, no pesticides or artificial fertilizer residues, no routine use of antibiotics, and high standards of animal welfare. Food produced organically is less intensive and has more input from the farmers. Organic farming also contributes to a richer diversity in farm ecosystems.

Island Bakery recipes are formulated without any artificial colours, preservatives, or flavourings, not just because these are not allowed under organic regulations, but because making things with traditional ingredients and methods make them taste a lot better! At the end of the day, making the biscuits taste good is what we are all about. We hope you enjoy them.