Laughing Dog has been making sustainable dog food recipes on their family farm in the heart of the British countryside for four generations, since 1936.

To this day the company is still family-owned, and the naturally wholesome recipes are prepared on the family farm. As far as possible they try to use own ingredients (from the farm) and if they cannot, they carefully source ingredients so they know exactly what is going into the mixing bowl. In addition to producing a variety of baked mixers, they also make hypoallergenic complete dog food, including their Naturally 5 range of dry complete foods, and their grain-free Naturally Complete range of dry food. But that is not all, Laughing Dog also offer a wide range of dog treats! There is something available for everyone wanting to treat their four-legged friend.

Laughing Dog prides themselves on becoming more and more sustainable and looking at ways to reduce the carbon footprint. By manufacturing their own dog food and treats, this allows them to be more flexible and creative in their production methods, allowing them to strive for the high-quality. By reducing the miles that ingredients must travel to the factory and assuring that their solar panel farm provides more than a quarter of the business's electricity needs (and is continuously growing), they can also make sure that their goods are produced in the most sustainable way possible.

Why stock Laughing Dog?

  • Hypoallergenic Recipes
  • Wholesome, Natural Ingredients
  • Producers of their own Foods.