B Impact Score: 82.2

Jude’s are an award winning, family owned British ice cream company whose range has expanded to include rady to drink milkshakes, custards and sauces.

Judes premium ready to drink milkshakes cans provide the perfect grab and go treat. The milkshake range includes a variety of yummy flavours: Flat White Coffee, Salted Caramel, Chocolate. Made with less than 5% added sugar and reduced fat milk, they can be stored ambient and have a long shelf life- a perfect grab and go beverage!

As a certified B Corp, Jude are committed to putting people and planet before profit, the alumimum cans are compliant with the school’s food standards and are fully recyclable.

Jude’s ambient custards are made with the best ingredients, offering a delicious premium alternative to Ambrosia in a stale category. They come in a 500ml re-cyclable carton and come in two flavours Madagascan Vanilla and Belgian Chocolate.

Why stock Judes?

  • Premium range of milkshakes and custards
  • Perfect for on the go
  • Less than 5% added sugar
  • Made with reduced fat milk