We are Joe & Seph’s, a family business famous for our award-winning gourmet popcorn and caramel sauce range of over 50 delicious flavours. Started by myself (Joseph), my wife and sons in 2010, we love all things popcorn!

I first discovered flavoured popcorn while taking regular trips to the USA, each time returning with flavoured popcorn as gifts for friends and family. Inspired, I decided to shake things up when I got back to London. Cue hours of late-night tasting sessions in our family kitchen and Joe & Seph’s gourmet popcorn was born!

Today, my team of skilled pastry chefs and I carefully handmake every batch, using a tasty blend of all-natural ingredients in our London kitchens. Intrigued? Click here to see more about how my gourmet popcorn is made!

With the help of my small pastry chef team, I’m delighted that Joe & Seph’s has won over 40 Great Taste Awards and is now officially the best-tasting popcorn brand!

Our award-winning product family now includes:
- Gourmet Popcorn Range: Our famous Gourmet Popcorn range is the perfect premium snack, that is guaranteed to satisfy indulgent cravings. Perfect for Hotels, Garden Centres, Farm Shops, Delis and Gift shops.
- Drinks Pairing Range: Over the last few years, popcorn has become an increasingly popular choice of bar snack due to its flavour variety and favourable cost per portion. Inspired by this, we decided to launch our innovative Drinks Pairing Range, featuring three flavours in snack sizes that perfectly pair with Lager, IPA and White Wine. Excellent for Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs and Bars.
- Caramel Sauce Range: Since 2010, we’ve been renowned for making award-winning popcorn, using our secret smooth caramel recipe. Customers can now enjoy our famous caramel as a sauce, made by hand with all-natural ingredients in several innovative flavours. Perfect for Farm Shops, Delis and Gift shops.
- SIMPLY Range: Our everyday SIMPLY range, offers a healthy, on-the-go snack that tantalises taste buds. Perfect for Cafes, Coffee Shops and Food-To-Go establishments. Features two flavours (SIMPLY Sweet & Salty and SIMPLY Sea Salted), both of which are less than 100 calories and are completely free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar!
- Gifts Range: Lastly, we have a range of beautiful gift options, designed for those consumers in search of unique, brilliantly tasty presents to a-MAIZE their friends and family when special occasions arise. Perfect for Delis, Garden Centres and Gift shops.