Cheeky Nibble is on a mission to spread joy through food, through truly delicious snacks and cereals which are free from allergens yet full of flavour. Cheeky Nibble specialises in vegan, top 14 allergen free granola; with delicious flavours inspired by famous British desserts and drinks. These include: Cherry Bakewell, Victoria Sponge, Banoffee Pie and Vanilla Latte. These are all made in a BRCAA bakery which is a dedicated Peanut and Tree Nut Free environment, and handmade into uniquely large clusters perfect as both an indulgent breakfast or a snack (“Cheeky Nibble” on the go) offering the first snackable granola hybrid product in the UK. The packaging is recyclable, with the boxes printed with Carbon Balancing,  allowing my customers to make the delicious and ethical choice. However, the big clusters serve a greater purpose than just a delicious crunch. Cheeky Nibble was founded in 2021 by Marietta Hickman in her parents' kitchen. Marietta is a young Autistic woman with a tic disorder called Tourettes Syndrome. Fortunately, she found that exercise and baking helped her manage her mental health. And so, she combined her two passions by baking a granola that was snackable to fuel her exercise needs, and so Cheeky Nibble was born! 

Why stock Cheeky Nibble?

  • Nostalgic Dessert inspired flavours

  • Chunky Snackable pieces

  • Top 14 allergen free and Vegan