At Blackthorn Salt, the simple goal is to make the best salt possible in terms of flavour and crystal quality, but also with respect to provenance and sustainability. Every crystal comes from pure seawater, gathered locally and evaporated on the only working Thorn Tower in the world. This incredible structure harnesses the power of the West Coast wind and sun to dry off an astonishing 90% of that water – 24,000 litres of each batch! In the Pan House, the Salters then use their skills and patience on the remaining brine to retain as much of the natural minerals as possible and gently draw off the beautiful organically approved Blackthorn crystals. There are no chemicals or industrial processes used; no bleaching, seeding or adding. Rooted in nature, Blackthorn Salt is a ‘salt of the world’ as well as ‘for the world’.

As seen on several TV programmes including James Martin’s Saturday Morning, The Hairy Bikers and Amazing Hotels with Monica Galetti.

“…It’s probably one of the most amazing things in terms of food I’ve seen in this country” - Chef, James Martin.

Packed in attractive black and white sustainably sourced, plastic free packaging, the 120g and 240g boxes stand out on shelf.

Multi-award-winning including proud winner of a double star at the Great Taste Awards, Blackthorn Salt is the salt of choice for many Michelin starred restaurants, chefs, delis, farm shops and foodies across the UK and beyond.

Why stock Blackthorn Salt?

  • Made in a sustainable, low-energy way using the power of the wind to evaporate sea water on the world’s only working Thorn Tower

  • Multi-award-winning organically approved sea salt loved by foodies and Michelin chefs across the UK and abroad

  • Packed in attractive black and white sustainably sourced, plastic free packaging which stands out on shelf