Berringa believe everyone deserves a healthy body and good health, in part, comes from healthy products. This means no added ingredients or sugars. It means minimal processing and NO blending in things that really shouldn’t be there.  

With their honey you are enjoying what nature intended. Purely Natural, Purely Honey. You can actually prove the integrity of each jar of Berringa Manuka honey, using independent batch testing at Australian Government NATA certified laboratories. The Berringa Family are strong advocates and supporters of sustainable farming and they work closely with beekeepers to ensure good farming practices. Berringa’s MGO60+ Easy Pour is ideal for all the family, with its special easy pour jar and innovative valve that prevents sticky leaks.

The golden colour, syrupy texture and delicious honey aroma of their Easy Pour Honey makes it a decadent daily treat. Use on toast, on cereals, with fruit, in drinks or as a marinade ingredient – wherever and whenever you would use a table honey.

Why stock Berringa?

  • Delicious 100% Australian Honey
  • Convenient Easy Pour Pack with innovative valve that prevents leaks
  • Harvested and packed in Australia