Can chocolate change the world for the better? Mia is out to prove that it can with a range of revolutionary products that are made in Madagascar from cocoa bean to finished chocolate bar to support livelihoods in Africa and awe flavour-driven consumers around the world. The brand’s social cause is matched by a focus on quality; Mia exclusively uses of fine flavour cocoa, a classification awarded to the top 10% of global production.

Inspired by seven years of work in Africa, co-founders Brett and Sarah combined their passion for food and the people of the continent to transform amazing African ingredients into delicious finished products. In addition to a commitment to make all of its products in Africa, Mia dedicates 1% of all sales to a 1 for Change programme that funds social and environmental impact projects in Africa.

The Mia approach to chocolate creates three times more revenue for local communities than the export of their cocoa by supporting a network of fourteen supply partners, from farmers to box and chocolate makers and other service providers. The unique mission to make value-added chocolate in Africa represents just 1% of the world’s production despite the fact that the continent grows over 70% of their cocoa, a continent that represents 12% of the global population but just 2% of international trade!

Join the Mia journey to transform livelihoods in Africa with amazing flavours that do good.