We’re proud to be the source for specialty seasoned pretzels in the United States. We’re passionate about our product and providing you, our fans, with the hot, spicy, salty or sweet seasoned pretzel flavors you crave.

Our Passion for Pretzels
In the early 1990’s, while living abroad in Germany, Pennsylvania native Karl Brown missed the snack foods he loved back in the States. So he developed a unique way to instill robust flavor into bite-sized pretzel nuggets to bring a taste of the States to his overseas home. As his delicious seasoned pretzel treats gained popularity, he left his job in the corporate world to focus on sharing his delicious snacks with pretzel fans across the country- and the globe. Today, Karl and his team of snack mavens are committed to delighting you with the highest standards of quality and flavor innovation. With each bite of your favorite Pretzel Pete snack, you’ll know you’re crunching on something special. Each batch is created with Karl’s unique flavor infusion process, ensuring you enjoy an unforgettably mouth-watering taste experience, with just the crunch you’re looking for!

The Pretzel Pete Difference
The Pretzel Pete difference in quality and taste is directly related to the company’s slow batch production process. Each batch of Pretzel Pete is gently soaked in our proprietary seasoning slurry, resulting in an amazing flavor experience in every bite. This process results in a mouth-watering, robust flavor without having to break the pretzel into pieces. It takes a bit more time, but we’re adamant that this kind of batch processing produces a superior product, better than the industrial spray machines and conveyor belts used by other companies.