Labre's Hope is a social enterprise which is ending homelessness by providing full-time/part-time employment as well as mental health support and career coaching to people at risk of homelessness or those currently experiencing it. They work in partnership with national homelessness charity, Crisis, Rotherham Council and the South Yorkshire Housing Association.

The brand draws inspiration from the Patron Saint of Homelessness, Benedict Joseph Labre who journeyed around Europe in the 18th century helping those experiencing homelessness with food and shelter. Fast forward to 2022, Labre’s Hope was founded when a university student heard how a rough sleeper became homeless which led them to create a non-profit that could make a difference. A non-profit that helps reignite their beneficiaries’ inner confidence while giving them the tools and resources they need realise their potential. So far, Labre’s Hope has supported 19 people experiencing homelessness and 18 others through community initiatives.

Labre’s Hope produces luxury, ethical soaps and candles which are handmade in South Yorkshire and were shortlisted for The Sustainability Awards 2022. Labre’s Hope’s soaps take the best natural qualities across the market and blend them with social impact to create a long-lasting product that customers love. Their soaps are: palm-oil free, vegan, biodegradable (product and packaging), scented using natural essential oils and are naturally coloured. This means that consumers can really care for their skin and make a difference in the community. The same goes for their candles; features include soy wax, cotton wicks, recyclable glass jars and premium natural fragrances. On top of this, the burn time of their candles ranges form 20-60 hours, depending on the size.

Why stock Labre's Hope?

  • Empowering People
  • High Quality Ethical and Sustainable Products
  • Transforming the Home