The Drinks Bakery creates award winning savoury ‘Drinks Biscuits’ that are expertly flavour profiled to match great drinks such as craft beer, fine wines, whisky and of course gin. Founded in 2017 by Andy Murray (not that one) who travelled Europe in a campervan with his foodie-obsessed family every summer as a child, eating in bars and brasseries and visiting amazing food markets which turned into his inspiration. Aperitif with a little snack to match in his family was like their religion!

Andy started baking at 10, was a decent cook by 14 and wine qualified by 19. He’s since owned restaurants, gastro pubs and a wine business and wondered why snacks weren’t keeping pace with the multitude of great craft drinks, so he set about creating a range of premium snacks as a more thoughtful alternative to crisps and nuts.

Andy continues to eat and drink his way around the world, fuelling his desire to create a more thoughtful link between the worlds of craft, premium drinks and the common snack. He passionately believes that every great drink deserves a great snack.