Fish4Ever bring Organic Values to sustainability in fish. Their careful sourcing approach, unique quality charter, and artisan production values guarantee great quality and their insistence on Organic certified land ingredients such as first cold pressed olive oil, mean completely clean ingredients.

Canned fish is an often forgotten superfood with incredible nutritional benefits. Use it in salads, with pasta, cous cous or rice, or with chunky bread for quick, convenient and deliciously healthy meals. We should all eat at least 3 portions of fish per week but with busy lives it’s sometimes hard to plan ahead, and fresh fish can go off quickly. Canned fish is a great alternative, quick, easy and convenient. Fish4Ever is more than a brand. Founder Charles Redfern set up Fish4Ever before the first Greenpeace Tuna campaign when almost no one was talking sustainability in fish.

For over 20 years they’ve worked with experts, NGO’s and sustainability initiatives big and small to build a better, fairer fishing industry that supports fishing communities and our planet. They’re passionate about food that’s as good for the planet as it tastes. They buy the best whole fish, locally sourced whenever possible, and never add anything artificial.

They’re committed to supplying you with quality fish while having the least possible effect on the environment. This is canned fish you can trust!

Why stock Fish4Ever?

  • 100% traceable thanks to a code on each can
  • Pioneers of sustainability and fairness in fish
  • 100% organic land ingredients