B Impact Score: 81.2

Pip & Nut is the UK’s number one independent nut butter brand, offering products across almond, peanut and confectionery with delicious new flavour ‘twists’ each year, that bring even more excitement to their fans. As a Great Taste Producer with gold stars across their entire range, they are officially delicious and proud to have achieved this whilst using zero palm oil, ethically sourcing all their ingredients - leading to their recognition as a B Corp - and, crucially, having a heck of a lot of fun along the way.

Why Stock Pip & Nut?

  • Pip & Nut is the UK's number one independent nut butter brand and a Great Taste Producer
  • They use absolutely NO palm oil, only natural ingredients and all are ethically sourced
  • 75% of Pip & Nut shoppers are incremental to the category, increasing basket spend for customers and adding that crucial incremental value