Cambrook are award winning baking specialists who produce the best grade of nuts all in their AA grade factory in Hampshire. Their nuts are baked, not fried and are lavished with spices, herbs and flavours. As a supplier to famous hotels, Cambrook have worked closely over many years with several chefs to develop unique nut mixes which stand out from the crowd. Their specialist roasting process ensures that roast level is consistent and brings out the best flavour in each variety of nut. Their nuts are caramelised in traditional continental copper pans allowing Cambrook to create golden, subtly sweet, crunchy and totally irresistible nuts every time.

Cambrook have nuts for every occasion and their range includes various flavours including salted, spiced, caramelised and smoked nuts.

Why stock Cambrook nuts?

  • Award winning nuts
  • Baked not fried
  • Variety of flavours
  • Beautifully packaged