B Impact Score: 88.4

Gone are the days of having to drink alcohol in order to participate. It’s about choice. Choosing to drink alcohol when you want to and having a great alternative to it when you don’t want to drink.

So to deliver that, Freestar knew we had to create a great tasting alcohol free beer that you would also be proud to hold in your hand next to your mate drinking a Guinness.

They strongly believe that a responsible drinks businesses must recognise its impact on the world around it. But that the most responsible businesses actually work to reduce their impact on the world and constantly aim to do better.

They have developed a production process that not only delivers a great taste tasting product but also has a significantly lower impact on the planet, using 80% less water and producing 70% less waste than the industry standard.

To track all of their social and environmental impact, they are a pending B Corp; they will be as transparent with you as possible and continually try to improve across all aspects of Freestar.