1. Paul Hargreaves: Servant Leadership

    This week, Paul looks at servant leadership as a example of an ideal leadership method.

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  2. Paul Hargreaves: Generosity

    This week, Paul looks at generosity as a desirable leadership quality.

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  3. CF Blog: Christmas lists sorted

    Christmas is the most magical time of the year for a lot of reasons. For us foodies here at Cotswold Fayre it means getting out all the best chutneys and pickles, taking the turkey and stuffing to the next level and indulging in all the things that you only eat at that time of year.

    But it’s also magical for the younger generation, houses are decorated, there’s promise of presents and a seemingly endless supply of chocolate, what more could they want! While the grown-ups are busy sorting out everything needed for the festivities, the children become more and more excited, and we’ve got the perfect things to keep them occupied throughout the build-up and some great gift ideas too.



    The ultimate  advent activity is making a gingerbread house. This one from The Little Treats Bakery is great for

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  4. Paul Hargreaves: Being Contrite

    Paul continues his analysis in to desirable leadership qualities.

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  5. Paul Hargreaves: Redefining good leadership

    This week, Paul looks at the leadership characteristics that we should be looking for.

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  6. Paul Hargreaves: Food and Drink Trends during the Pandemic

    This week, Paul looks at the food trends that have emerged due to the change in shopping habbits during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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  7. Spotlight On: Christmas

    There has never been a stranger time to launch a Christmas campaign than now. With everyone looking to the future for the end of lockdown, for our shopping habits to return to normal, and to plan in events to replace the countless ones that have been cancelled over the last couple of months, planning for Christmas feels perhaps a little optimistic. It remains to be seen if the nation will crave a big Christmas to celebrate getting through such a tumultuous year or if we will still be cautious of mixing socially, if we are allowed to at that point. 

    But whether it be big or small, we will all be after those little treats that Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without; the luxury Christmas pudding, an extravagant cheese board, the box of chocolates that takes up residence on the coffee table. We will still want these things, as has been proven by the rise in sales of ‘treats’ in recent weeks, when times get tough, all we want is a little pick me up.

    So, Christmas may lo

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  8. Paul Hargreaves: The End of Capitalism – as we know it?

    This week Paul looks at how we could use the potential impending economic crisis as an opportunity to refresh the economic system.

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  9. Paul Hargreaves: It’s time to focus on our interdependence

    This week Paul looks at why we need to focus our interdependence.

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  10. Paul Hargreaves: Large Gains in Trust

    This week Paul talks about adapting for the new normal and how we can change for good.

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