1. Paul Hargreaves: Why do we not have more Inspirational Leaders?

    I start off the introduction to my new book, The Fourth Bottom Line, by asking why we do not have more inspirational leaders in our lives. I have asked the question at least 100 times in interviews over the year and very few people can give a good answer. Some are completely flummoxed by the question and others give well known celebrity businesspeople, whom they don’t know. Very few give the answer I would like and that is some who has directly influenced and been a very positive role model in their lives. 

    Why? Why are we so bereft of such people in our culture who can inspire and influence us? Just think of the impact of the next generation if they had those within the workplace or elsewhere who had a profound influence on their lives. This may well bring about the systemic change we so desperately need.

    Here are a few reasons why I think that in The West that we are blocked from producing these inspirational leaders:

    1. The Western myth that success an
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  2. Paul Hargreaves: Leadership

    Returning to a familiar theme again this week and how could I not with my new book about good leadership being published this week – on Thursday 6th. More on that later.

    We have been conducting many interviews recently for positions at Flourish – our new Food Hall and Restaurant opening in late June. Most positions are more in the food service area as this will be the main feature of Flourish and I have been absolutely gobsmacked by the stories from the interviewees from their previous or current places of work. Stories of redundancies by text, people being put on furlough and then zero communication from those in the business not on furlough. Stories of responsibility being taken away and disempowerment rather than delegation and empowerment. Stories of the owners of businesses clearly only interested in profit at all costs with no care for the people who help make that profit….. and the list goes on. 

    I did wonder last year after I had written the text f

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  3. Paul Hargreaves: Today

    This week, Paul talks about slowing down and stopping to reflect on today.

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  4. Paul Hargreaves: Better Business

    This week, Paul talks about Cotswold Fayre being a part of the Better Business Act.

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  5. Paul Hargreaves: Stress & Worry

    This week, Paul looks at how to prevent and deal with stress.

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  6. CF Blog: Social-Distanced Dining

    With the weather warming up, the days stretching longer into the evenings and the government guidelines relaxing, dinning outside has never been so exciting. Now the ‘Rule of 6’ back in place, gathering in parks and gardens for a picnic or BBQ will be happening earlier in the season than normal so it’s good to be prepared for whatever social events your customers have planned.


    The Classic Picnic

    There are some things that you just need at a good picnic; a blanket to sit on (or chairs in you’re fancy), that one wasp that won’t leave you alone, and of course all the picky bits you can fit in your baskets. We have all the staples like Coleslaw and sausage rolls, as well as veggie rolls and vegan friendly tapas options. Mash Direct’s new salads are a great addition to any fridge and Higgidy

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  7. Paul Hargreaves: Leadership

    This week, Paul talks about his upcoming book, The Fourth Bottom Line, available for pre-order now.

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  8. Paul Hargreaves: Variety is the Spice of Life

    This week, Paul talks about the need to change up our routines.

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  9. Paul Hargreaves: How misogynist is our society today?

    This week, Paul looks at how recent events have increased the need for us to look at how we treat people in the workplace. 

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  10. Paul Hargreaves: Climate Change – Why aren’t more of us freaking out?

    This week Paul talks about why we should be more worried about climate change.

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