1. We are now an even better Certified B Corp!

    We have re-certified our B Corp status and are beyond proud that our new score came back as 107.8! The whole team is so proud of the work we have done to achieve this and it's great inspiration for us to do even better next in the future too. 

    Click HERE to to see more about our score or carry on below to read Pauls thoughts on the incredible news.

    When I first heard of B Corps back in 2013 from Ed Perry, Co-Founder of Cook, I thought the name sounded rather American and wondered what on earth he was encouraging me to become involved in. However, after exploring further I soon realised that all I had ever believed about business was encapsulated within this movement. Business wasn’t there to make shareholders rich, but to make the world a better place through how it treated people and the planet. 

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  2. CF Blog: Everything you need to know about UnpackagedAT

    What is UnpackagedAT? 

    We’ve partnered with Unpackaged to create a unique refill system that includes purpose-built units and full service. We’ve designed a fool-proof system that will look great in any store that will enable you to sell unpackaged items and help reduce the amount of plastic packaging both in your store and your customers homes.



    How refilling works?

    BRING - Your customers bring their containers into your store (if they forget, they can use a paper bag)

    ZERO - They weigh the container when it’s empty and attach a container weight label

    FILL - They fil

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  3. Paul Hargreaves: Which trends will continue post lockdown?

    This week, Paul looks at what trends may continue as the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

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  4. Paul Hargreaves: What’s love got to do with it?

    The word ‘love’ was rarely used in a business context until recent years. In fact, in some places using the word ‘love’ would have prompted phone calls to HR and potential disciplinary proceedings. Is it OK to love your people, your customers, your suppliers and all those stakeholders who are impacted through your business? Well, of course, my answer is “yes”. 

    The English language is lacking when it comes to ‘love’. We have the same word for loving fish and chips as we do for loving our children, our partners and the deeper love coming through compassion for others. The Ancient Greeks had a better handle on love They had four different words for love. The first ‘storge’ was used of a deep affection for children or potentially pets, a nurturing, caring, deep love for those on a different level to us. The word ‘philia’ is used for a friendship type of love – as CS Lewis describes it as side-to-side type of love coming through sharing a common task together. 

    ‘Eros’ is, of cours

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  5. Paul Hargreaves: The Stockdale Paradox

    This week, Paul encourages us to live in the moment rather than looking to a false future. 

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  6. Paul Hargreaves: Have we learned our lesson?

    This week, Paul talks about learning lessons from the last year.

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  7. CF Blog: Time for a spring clean!

    When the pandemic hit last year, many people caught the cleaning bug. At Cotswold Fayre, Anti-Bacterial Wipes and Surface Sprays were very popular, along with Sanitising Hand Soap, as the nation followed government guidelines to keep washing our hands. With the desire to sanitise homes mixed with more free time, we were clearing out cupboards and scrubbing skirting boards like never before.

    Now, after the chaos of Christmas and with the hope of Spring just around the corner, this time of year gets a lot of people itching for a deep clean. Whether it’s finally getting around to cleaning the oven, pulling out the bed to vacuum the dust b

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  8. Paul Hargreaves: A Brexit Nightmare

    This week, Paul talks about impact of Brexit. 

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  9. Paul Hargreaves: Turning Intention to Lasting Change

    This week, Paul looks at how we can use emotion to help make changes that stick.

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  10. CF Blog: Let's get cooking

    With lockdown currently in full swing in the UK, and chances that it could last for a while longer, the idea of cooking 21 meals a week for the foreseeable future is a grim one for homes up and down the country.

    With restaurants shut and take-aways varying massively in quality (and there are still areas that the apps don’t reach) it means more of us are experimenting in the kitchen. For some that means learning the basics and working up gradually from there, for others it means expanding their knowledge and taking up new challenges.

    However, with the pandemic almost reaching its first birthday, those weekly meal plans are starting to get boring. Whether it’s the same 7 dinners on rotation each week or your roster of recipes is slightly bigger, sometimes we all need a splash of inspiration to liven up a midweek meal.

    Cooking kits, like these fro

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