1. Cotswold Fayre is now Plastic Neutral!

    We are now certified Plastic Neutral. We have partnered with rePurpose Global to fund the recovery of as much nature-bound plastic waste as is used by its suppliers to package and distribute all the products sold as of April 2021. This bold commitment is part of a wider plastic waste action strategy that includes expanding our plastic free range and engaging suppliers to reduce and eliminate plastic packaging wherever possible.

    By contributing a percentage of every product purchase to plastic reduction efforts we are enabling the removal of over 19 tonnes of plastic waste each quarter which otherwise would have been landfilled, burned, or flushed into the oceans. Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, we are supporting a vetted waste management project in Hyderabad, India to collect and process hard-to-recycle waste streams otherwise

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  2. CF Blog: Are your customers ready for the return of Bake Off?

    This week sees the return of an annual holiday. The new series of The Great British Bake Off starts this week and the nation is ready. The last 2 years have given birth to a whole new hoard of bakers thanks to lockdown, furlough, and a long damp spring means many of us had nothing better to do than bake away the days, and these new bakers join the ones who were brought up by the stoves, living in aprons, baking Mary Berry recipes from an early age, meaning the captive audience is bigger than ever.

    For those starting out, we have some great Baking Kits including Brownie Mix from Creative Nature, Carrot

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  3. Paul Hargreaves: Becoming a B Corp



    With an ever-increasing interest in becoming a B Corp from the food and drink sector, here are some tips if you want to join the growing community of 80+ food and drink companies out of 650 in the UK.


    Before the most recent millennia, human beings generally lived in communities where they saw the direct results of how their actions and work impacted others within their communities and on nature itself. However now, life has changed.


    Western business needs to carry much of the responsibility – it’s business that has often reinforced the role of the individual over communities. This mindset has been exported all over the world to encourage people to think of themselves as independent, rather than part of the community. And as we have moved towards a global society, the damage our companies do to our planet is out of sight and out of mind – our waste is often someone else’s problem. We have stopped

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  4. Paul Hargreaves: Paul’s top trend predictions for Christmas 2021

    Paul’s top trend predictions for Christmas 2021:


    1. MORE VEGAN CHOCOLATE: “Testament to increased consumer demand, this year, we have a bigger vegan offering than ever before in our Christmas catalogue! This includes plenty of vegan alternatives to Christmas favourites, as well premium products for gifting. The trend towards vegan confectionery continues to grow, so we expect brands like Booja Booja and its range of vegan, organic chocolate truffles to perform well. With flavours including Hazelnut Crunch, Espresso Chocolate, Honeycomb Caramel and Salted Almond, there’s really something for everyone to enjoy! Also new for this year, is the Probios organic vegan Panettone, made with spelt – which is sure to be a hit over the festive period, meaning no one misses out on Panettone this year!”


    1. BUY B CORP: “As Cotswold Fayre was one of the first companies in the UK t
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  5. Paul Hargreaves: Self-sacrifice – The importance of building a leadership legacy centred on others

    There have been many amazing stories of self-sacrifice to come out of the tragedy of 9/11, but none more inspiring than that of Richard Rescorla, a British-American Vietnam War vet. On 11 September 2001, he was working as a security director for Morgan Stanley. Hearing of the first plane strike on the North Tower at the World Trade Centre, he calmly instructed some 2,700 employees of Morgan Stanley to evacuate the South Tower – despite an earlier announcement that ordered them to stay at their desks. He ensured everyone for whom he was responsible had left the building before he started to make his own way out. He was still inside the building when it collapsed. Rescorla was declared dead three weeks later, but his body has never been found.

    This story is one of numerous amazing tales of self-sacrificial behaviour in adverse circumstances, many of which involve a person laying down their life in the act of the ultimate self-sacrifice. Now, this is something only few of us may e

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  6. Spotlight On: Hot Drinks

    Stick the kettle on!

    Without wanting to wish away the summer, our retailers have to stay one step ahead of the curve. That means Christmas is already planned, ordered and booked in for delivery, and preparations for the colder months are already underway.

    While summer obviously leads to booming soft drinks sales, once the chill sets in, attention returns to Coffee, Tea and of course, Hot Chocolate.

    Whether your customers are looking for the convenience of instant coffee or taking the time to brew from bean to cup there are premium options for everyone.



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  7. Paul Hargreaves: Undercover Boss

    I was looking forward to watching the new series of Undercover Boss on ITV which has been re-named Undercover Big Boss – don’t be deceived, it is just the same as the previous series. As I say, I was hoping to enjoy the business programme as I have tired a little of Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice, which have both passed their best before date. However, it must be more than a decade since I last watched the programme and much has changed in both business and in me during that time. So, now I hated it!

    It wasn’t the rather formulaic patterns I remember from last time; it was the fact that the very rich owner of the business was unaware of the inequality within his business and that he thought he could sort things out by throwing packages of money at problems, rather than going for systemic change. 

    The business in the first episode was a caravan park company owning 70+ sites across the country. One part featured the undercover boss working with a maintenance guy on

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  8. Paul Hargreaves: Can/should bosses really be close friends with their staff?

    The traditional answer to this question is “no” and some may argue that friendships at work make it difficult to address issues of performance management, others might think that work and pleasure don’t mix and still others say that bosses should keep their private life private and not let their people see their whole self.

    I disagree. 

    For far too long we have run our businesses with leaders leading in a rather distant mechanistic command-and-control mode which no longer works. Far better for businesses to be full of people, including bosses, being their real selves, focussed around a strong purpose and having fun whilst achieving their goals. Within this healthy environment friendships at all levels will inevitably happen.

    Due to the breakdown of local community in the West, particularly in urban environments over the last hundred years, the workplace is often a vital part of an employee’s community life. Lasting friendships are made, and life partners sometim

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  9. Spotlight On: World Cuisine

    Allow your customers to take a trip around the world without leaving their kitchen!

    With Euro 2020 behind us, the Tokyo Olympic Games ahead of us, and holidays abroad still not a certainty, world food is high on the agenda. 
    Whether your customers want quick and easy meal kits, or ready-made sauces to bring the tastes of the world to their tables or are happy to stock up on ingredients to make their own feast from scratch, we’ve got a great range available to inspire your customers!



    Maybe a European road trip is your customers ideal holiday, make sure you’ve got great pizzas in your freezer from Crosta & Mollica. Our new Chorizo from La Gloria Riojana is good to have on hand, BBQ it, use it in stews or add to breakfast dishes to turn up

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  10. Paul Hargreaves: Generosity

    This week, Paul discusses generosity.

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