Dry January can be a tricky time to plan for many retailers, but there is now more choice than ever for those looking to steer clear of alcohol.

The pandemic shone a light on people’s relationship with alcohol and this has seen a huge shift in consumer trends towards more mindful drinking. In the first lockdown last year when we were also experiencing a lovely mini heatwave, cracking a beverage after a long day working from home or spent on furlough turned in to a habit for many, and since then there has been a boom in people cutting down on their alcohol consumption, choosing a soft drink instead, or switching their usual drink for an alcohol-free version.

We added our first alcohol free option to our range back in January 2020, and now have 13 permanent SKUS in the range (with more to come in the new year!). From alcohol-free lager from Freestar and Lucky Saint, to guilt (and hangover free) cocktails from Savyll and botanical spirit alternatives from Sprigster and Warners Gin, there is something for everyone.

As well as like for like replacements, we also offer other options to quench the thirst of your customers. TRIP have a range of soft drinks containing 15mg of CBD which offer a great point of difference for customers looking for something a little bit different. LA Brewery’s Citrus Hops Kombucha pairs well with food in place or wine or beer, and their English Sparkling Rose adds pzazz to a dinner party without the need for booze. There are great grown-up soft drinks from Gusto Organic with flavours like Fiery Ginger with Chipotle and Sicilian Lemon with Yuzu.

For those who are just looking to reduce their alcohol intake but not cut it out entirely, the RTD is the answer. Pre-measured, and individually portioned out, these single serves allow drinkers to monitor how much they’ve drunk, and makes it easier to stop at one or two rather working your way through an entire bottle of wine, or free pouring large measures of spirits. Canned wine from Nice comes in white, red and rose is perfect for solo drinkers, or those looking for an easy on-the-go option for picnics. Hard Seltzers from DRTY offer an alcoholic hit with sparking water, making them lower calorie options than a traditional gin and tonic but still with great flavours.

Options for everyone, available to order online, or with your Account Manager now.

Our new catalogue will also feature some great options for those looking to lower their alcohol consumption, so keep your eyes peeled when it lands!