21st February - 6th March

With the mass of certifications, labels and logos on our food packaging, the Fairtrade mark is still just as important.

Instantly recognisable as a mark of standard enabling customers to know the farmers and workers have been paid a fair price, have safer working environments, support local sustainability and have fair terms of trade. Choosing Fairtrade is an easy switch for customers, and they instantly know they have made a better choice.

The number of products that holds the Fairtrade mark is over 6000, and as a retailer you may already stock fresh produce such as bananas that hold the mark. Some of the other main categories include Chocolate, Tea and Coffee and we are proud to stock products across these categories, as well as others, so you can help your customers make the switch.

Fairtrade brands to offer to your customers:

Cocoa Loco



Tony’s Chocolonely


English Tea Shop


Gusto Organic

Cotswold Fudge



Taylor & Colledge