As consumers become more and more aware of the impact of the items filling their shopping baskets each week, the rise of vegetarianism and veganism isn’t likely to slow down. Searches for “vegan” on our website are up 35% on last year with retailers reacting to the consumer demand.

Veganuary is looming again, and every year more people sign up to cut their meat and dairy consumption and eat only plant-based food for a month. While many just want to challenge themselves for a few short weeks in an attempt to combat the over consumption from the festive period, there are those that use it as a habit changer, proving they don’t have to rely on the traditional “meat and two veg” of days gone by. As a retailer, this means as well as the boost you get to your vegan lines in the first month of the year, don’t be surprised is sales continue to fly!  

While Veganism is becoming more widespread, it might not create as much demand in all areas. Cities and urban areas, particularly those with a high student population may see these lines sell better, but that doesn’t mean farmshops, foodhalls and delis can’t cash in on the trend.

Flexitarianism is also still on the up, with people going meat-free a couple of days a week, or only allowing themselves meat as a treat. Whether it’s because of animal welfare reasons, wanting to shop more sustainably or even trying to keep an eye on the bank balance, these days it’s not just about a plate of soggy vegetables, there are endless choices to tempt everyone in.

We’ve seen a 43% rise in Chilled Vegan sales this year, and this follows our massive expansion to the range over the last couple of years.

There are meat alternatives from Meatless Farm, This, Vivera, Squeaky Bean and Better Nature, as well as dairy free options for yoghurts, custards and desserts from including The Coconut Collaborative, Gu and English Cheesecake Company. There are also easy vegan options for your customers to pick like soups, a classic for lunch and light dinners, especially in the colder months. Tideford Organics have got you covered for most flavours, but Rod & Ben’s and Watmuff & Beckett have also have some great lines.

And it’s not just about main meal components, Rubies in the Rubble make vegan friendly mayo using aquafaba, the waste water from Chickpeas, This easy swap also helps fight the food waste battle and is just as good for dipping chips, spreading in sandwiches or making sauces with. Likewise, The Honest Bean Co make great dips from British grown fava beans in place of chickpeas, for a more sustainable (but equally delicious) take on humous. There is also guacamole for any time of the day from Holy Moly, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Many have tried dipping their toe in to the plant-based world by switching the milk in their morning coffee to a soya, almond, oat, coconut (and more) alternative. Rude Health have been top of this game for a while, but we also stock Glebe Farm’s Oat Milk, and variations from Australian brand Bruce.

If your customers are worried about missing out on treats like chocolate and sweets, the Cotswold Fayre Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe has everything you need to keep everyone satisfied.

This year we added Doisy & Dam, a B Corporation who make vegan dark chocolate bars, and pouches to rival some of the biggest brands (their new Peanut D&D’s are amazing!) and HiP who make oat milk chocolate that are just as creamy as regular chocolate. There are also vegan lines from Buttermilk, Monty Bojangles and vegan marshmallows from Baru amongst others.

So whether your customers are looking to make a few small swaps, preparing for a month of Veganuary or making bigger lifestyle changes, we’ve guac you covered.