Maximising revenue per square foot is critical for independent retailers. The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight have a clear specialism and focus squarely on, yes, you guessed it, garlic - the heart of all flavour. This concentration captures the imagination and interest of consumers and the revenue results they achieve are incredibly strong.

The farm enjoys a close relationship with Cotswold Fayre and having worked together for many years, are well placed to offer superb service to retailers.

Being retailers themselves, as well as farmers, producers and brand owners, The Garlic Farm understand the challenges faced by their customers. It is this insight and sensitivity, coupled with their commitment to ‘get in front of consumers’ through markets, shows and by opening their own farm to hundreds of thousands of visitors that they support awareness, engagement and ultimately sales.

“Product quality and presentation are critical for the speciality food sector but it is uniqueness that really grabs the attention of customers and supports repeat buys” says Barnaby Edwards, director.

A clear identity is key for any successful product brand and this is especially important in the increasingly crowded artisan food market. People want ‘best in category’ and being the specialists in garlic has been the work of over 50 years for the family business on the Isle of Wight. The Garlic Farm produce and procure a huge variety of high quality garlic and garlic inspired product including mayonnaise, chutney and condiments. Their quest for flavour is probably best expressed by their unparalleled hot oak smoked garlic, which is simply glorious!

Why stock The Garlic Farm?

  • Quality garlic products produced on their own farm
  • Wide range of garlic products
  • Well recognised and renowned brand