We are a small family flour mill based in Wan­tage, Oxfordshire. The Munsey family have been milling in Oxfordshire for over a 100 years.  The mill is currently run by fourth generation flour miller Paul, with his daughter Emily study­ing to become a miller as well. Our flour is milled using local wheat that we collect ourselves from farms surrounding the mill. We en­sure we only select the best wheat with high quality gluten by testing samples before we bring any into the mill. Being a small flour mill means we can store the wheats from each farm separately without batch­ing. This allows us to carefully select the wheats that we mix together for the grist to produce quality con­sistent flour. The names of the farms are then printed on the back of each bag of flour. We mill our flour on a 1940s Henry Simon roller mill. Using a roller mill enables us to slowly break apart the grain preventing the formation of bran powder which can lead to a heavy loaf. As an old mill we run very slowly this prevents the flour from heating up and damaging the gluten. We won Great Taste Producer of the Year in 2018 and regularly win multiple 3 star awards for our flours.