Jo Hilditch is a fourth generation farmer on the Herefordshire/Welsh borders where she grows blackcurrants amongst other crops on her 700 acre farm. A quintessential flavour of the British countryside, blackcurrants are the essential ingredient to the flagship liqueur British Cassis from the White Heron Drinks family.

White Heron’s fruit-growing expertise coupled with the techniques of traditional wine-makers give British Cassis it’s uniquely sultry profile. The depth of flavour is achieved through the recipe that is used in the Cassiserie on the farm. Not too sweet and cloying and with a fresh feel to the palate this drink makes an ideal cocktail base, perfect on its own or with fizz to make the perfect celebration drink - the British Royale.

At White Heron we use a technique similar to winemaking in order to perfectly capture the intensity of freshly picked British blackcurrants. Once the blackcurrant juice has fermented naturally with champagne yeast, we blend it with a little vodka to fortify and add sugar to bring out the rich fruity flavour. (Beware French Imitations!)