Welshhomestead Smokery is an award-winning smokehouse set on the edges of the Welsh Cambrian Mountains, surrounded by the fields and the sky. They use the ancient magic of cold smoking, and combine it with the latest technology to create unusual flavour combinations infused with the simple taste and smell of woodsmoke. Working with slow processes, everything they make takes time. Time to let flavours develop and time because they take pride in doing things properly - just as cold smoking has been done for hundreds of years. However, for them, doing things this way doesn’t mean what they produce should be old fashioned. So they have looked to fuse old and new together, contemporary products that appeal to a modern foodie audience. These include their Smoked Lamb Bacon, Smoked Chilli Jams and Smoked Bacon and Chorizo Jams and with unusual flavours like our Chocolate Espresso Smoked Bacon. Since their launch in 2019 they have tried to keep to their core values of sustainability as closely as possible, whilst growing their business in a competitive market. Great tasting products, ethically sourced ingredients all created with care and attention. Their audience is varied from those who are looking to make their everyday cooking more interesting with new smoky flavours, to classic cheeseboards to those who love cooking outdoors on their BBQ.

Why stock Welshhomestead Somkery? 

  • Made on the homestead in the Welsh Cambrian Mountains
  • Smoked over real woodsmoke
  • Unusual flavour combinations