Nudie are dedicated to producing exciting free-from snacking.

It all started back in the founder’s kitchen where one night, after a hard day's work, they were enjoying a drink and the usual potato snack, with all the artificial flavourings and preservatives... and milk powder and they decided it wasn’t doing it for them.
They knew they wanted their snacks to be plant based but they also wanted to use ingredients from sustainable sources that were good for the environment too. But what about a name? Was there one that would cover all those aspects?

Then it hits them. When we come into this world, we're not wearing clothes. We are pure. We are perfect in every way. That's what they wanted their snacks to be – perfect and pure. So they started looking at names and from some initial ideas the Nudie Snacks brand was born.
They’ve created a mult-award-winning range of less than 100 calorie per serving snacks, free from gluten and made using all-natural ingredients and flavours.
All of their taste-tingling snacks are bang on trend and meeting consumer demand for treats which are healthier and lower in calories than the norm. 
They are all low in saturated fat, sugars and salt with a big protein punch and some are high in fibre too. How cool is that?
They’re the perfect less than 100 calorie snack for eating on the go, for dipping, for packed lunches or for your customers to enjoy as a topping to salads.

Why stock Nudie Snacks? 

  • All Natural

  • Free From

  • Less Than 100 Calories Per Serving.