Founded in 2013 in Islington, North London, Cobble Lane Cured cut, cure and hang meats supplied by a small selection of high quality British-assured farmers, drawing on the extensive experience and skills that Matt and Adam, two of their founders, have developed over many years in the butchery trade. They remain a small independent business that cares and follows traditional hand-crafted methods and techniques for producing small batches of award-winning Great British Charcuterie.

They began with a small range of salami inspired by Italian production methods that Adam had learnt from spending time with salumieri throughout Sardinia and Sicily.

British meat is exceptional. We have higher welfare standards than many of our neighbours, and a rich, diverse stock of breeds, and this makes for a fairer and tastier end product.

Everything they do is about taste, quality and welfare. They source their meat from Britain’s very best farmers who care about animal welfare as much as they do and they always look for innovative thinking around food supply and sustainability. They taste and refine their recipes before tasting and refining them again to ensure their own unique processes brings out the best of our British meat. Their master butcher then produces in small batches, not hurrying the process or using any chemicals to accelerate, stabilise or artificially enhance their products.

they are all about using traditional methods rather than taking shortcuts!

Why stock Cobble Lane Cured?

  • British
  • High Welfare
  • Award Winning