So what makes FieldGoods, FieldGoods?

All of the meals are handmade by a team of chefs in their South London kitchen. FieldGoods have made a commitment to produce the best food in the most sustainable way they can. No cutting corners. Quality, the environment and delicious mealtimes come first.

They work with the mighty Swaledale Butchers in Yorkshire who focus on working with small farms, rearing native breed, free range animals, farmed using traditional methods. The amazing Moxon's of London supply them with fresh North Sea Coley (a delicious and sustainable cousin of the overfished Cod) for their fish pie. They also work with the wonderful Chalkstream Foods, whose progressive approach to fish farming produces excellent trout with a minimal impact on the environment.

FieldGoods produce 30% of their our own electricity from solar panels on their kitchen, and for the remaining 70% they only use renewable and carbon offset power.

FieldGoods say no to landfill! With almost all of their packaging suitable for home composting (except the film and two person trays) – they’re working on it! They are passionate about eliminating plastic packaging and only using disposables that just disappear back into the earth.

The FieldGoods kitchen operates with a zero to landfill policy. That’s right NOTHING goes to landfill. They operate with 5 different recycling streams, their food waste get’s turned into fertiliser, and non-recyclable waste is incinerated and turned into energy – pretty cool!

Why stock Lucky Saint?

  • Innovative recipes and quality ingredients
  • Extensive range
  • They only use free range meat