Bringing French Tradition to Your Shelves Pâté Pour Vous is produced in the heart of gastronomic South West France by a market-leading, artisanal, family-run manufacturer with a forty-year proven track record. They have introduced this well-established and highly regarded product with a contemporary brand image, whilst maintaining the crucial element of tradition and quality. No other French pâté of such a consummate standard is available within the UK domestic market.

•    Premium meat content using only the finest cuts for pâté production

•    No added preservatives or colouring, gluten free

•    Traditional and market-proven French charcuterie recipes

•    State of the art production facility

•    Food security with full traceability

The range is made up with proven best sellers: Chicken Liver, Farmhouse Pork, Duck, Venison and Wild Boar in coarse and smooth recipes. Uniquely for such a product, Pâté Pour Vous labelling meets the directives of the FSA in totality, so you can be confident that not only are you selling a premium product that will delight your customers, you will be in compliance with ever-tightening food standards. With over forty years successfully producing and marketing premium páté, their track record is second to none. They have a deep understanding of the way the fine food sector operates in Europe and supply a large wholesaler network who ultimately deliver the taste of France to the end user.

Why stock Pâté Pour Vous?

   •Market-proven quality usually only available on the continent

   •Fully compliant product labelling

   •Long ambient shelf-life