ManiLife sources the FINEST peanuts DIRECTLY from farmers they know and love. The peanuts are roasted meticulously, in the UK, for a deeper flavour - then, blended in SMALL BATCHES, every week for an unparallelled creamy indulgence. Their signature PB, Deep Roast Crunchy, was a world first. Invented completely by accident. They thought they burnt the nuts...then realised that they had made a peanut butter that changed the game forever. The range is growing and ManiLife are introducing lots of delicious flavours that really are Like No Other.

Why stock Manilife Peanut Butter?

  • We use top quality, hi-oleic peanuts, no palm oil & less than 1% salt.
  • Awarded multiple great taste stars across our core & snacking range.
  • We have a direct-to-source supply chain, allowing complete transparency with both our peanuts & almonds.
  • This year we gained our B Corp certificate with a score of 104.5.