A labour of love if ever there was one, they’ve poured years of testing, tweaking, and most importantly tasting, into every can. Not only do they blend the finest tomato juice with an award winning craft vodka, Amontillado sherry, fresh lemon juice, a dash of soy (for extra umami), and all the seasoning you’d expect; they’re also the only ready to drink Bloody Marys made with the original and genuine Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, and the real deal Tabasco.

Thankfully it seems that hard work has paid off, with their Bloody Classic being awarded Best Canned Cocktail by The Evening Standard two years running, Best RTD at the People's Choice Spirits Award, and listings in some of the most prestigious specialist retailers in the UK. 

Why stock Bloody Drinks?

  • Quality - multi award winning, with nothing but the finest cocktail bar ingredients
  • Consistency - each can is perfectly blended and seasoned for just the right level of umami, citrus, and spice
  • Convenience - one of the most complex cocktails there is, as fresh as the minute it was mixed. All you need to do is pour, and enjoy