Hilltop Honey is an award-winning, established brand of pure and natural, premium quality honey, available in hexagonal jars and easy squeezy bottles. A business based in the heart of Wales, delivering and innovating to the honey sector, providing a natural, healthier alternative to refined sugars. With the overall mission to help food consumers learn that ‘there’s more to honey’.

Our diverse range of honey offerings are all pure and natural honey, with nothing added and nothing taken away. Each individual product is unique in its own way – from the colour right down to aroma notes and flavour. The business was started after Owner & Founder Scott Davies discovered his passion beekeeping, as a means of therapy in responding to a severe back injury which left him unable to continue his previous laborious nature of work. During this time, he was fascinated by the nature of the bees and all they do to create this delicious golden nectar. After researching the ever-expanding market, he decided to create his own brand, but with a younger image and of the utmost quality. Founded in 2011, Scott began creating the buzz of Hilltop Honey.

Take your taste buds on a journey with our pure & natural offerings and discover for yourself, there’s more to honey. Find Hilltop Honey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @hilltop_honey, #theresmoretohoney, or check out their website: www.hilltop-honey.com