Founded in 2011 by young beekeeper Scott Davies, Hilltop Honey have a passion for delivering the most exceptional tasting natural wholefoods from all corners of the world and has grown to the second-largest honey brand in the UK.

Located in Mid Wales, Hilltop produce a wide range of products including Fully traceable honey, organic honey, maple syrup, agave, and health & beauty products. Products are available in reusable glass jars, fully recyclable squeezy bottles, and biodegradable materials.

Hilltop has been on a mission not just to make award-winning honey but to do it sustainably and safeguard the future and development of the business, the people they employ and the world around us. Hilltop are proud to be a Carbon Neutral Business and the first honey brand in the UK to gain a B-Corp status.

Hilltop are proud to be a family-owned company producing, pure and natural products with nothing added and nothing taken away.

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Why stock Hilltop?

  • Great Taste Award winning
  • Carbon neutral & B Corp certified
  • 100% All natural products & ingredients