Every batch is analysed and hand tested for colour, acidity, sugar content and a number of other strict criteria. Only the best will make the Mutti grade. They’re washed clean and made ready for the secret signature process. Nothing is added – no water, no sugars, no citric acid, just fresh tomatoes and a pinch of salt.

The ‘Golden Tomato’ award tradition, is a symbol of respect and gratitude from Mutti to their farming families. The annual award, literally a solid gold tomato, is bestowed upon the Mutti farmer that has shown the utmost care towards their tomatoes, resulting in the finest quality yields.

In 2010 Mutti partnered with WWF Italy to become the first Italian company to calculate their water footprint and take concrete action to reduce it – a partnership and a deed in which they take great pride. Mutti have also been working hand-in-hand with WWF Italy to help farmers find sustainable ways of reducing CO2 emissions.

Mutti invested in technology, training and technical help for farmers and producers – a way in which they can contribute to the development of the land.

So when you buy a Mutti product, you are not only choosing a high quality ingredient, you are making a much more meaningful gesture.