Led by wife and husband duo Rebecca and Mark, Raspberry Blossom has now become a well-established presence in the greeting card and stationery sector through their colourful and cheery products. The brainchild of Rebecca, Raspberry Blossom was born from Rebecca’s love of greeting cards and beautiful design. A simple piece of folded card has the power to bring a smile to people’s faces by spreading messages of love and joy and furthermore, creating special memories and moments through the connection between people. That piece of card can be elevated by design, colour, print finish and shape and become something that people treasure for years and years. Whether it is to mark a special milestone Birthday, or to send a message to a friend who you haven’t seen for a while that would enjoy a little pick-me-up. The power of the hand written note should not be underestimated. Raspberry Blossom makes sure that all of their products are abundant with colour, inspired by the things they love and their loved ones, created with hand drawn typography, painted illustrations, or collaged patterns. Rebecca and Mark ensure quality is at the heart of everything they do at Raspberry Blossom, whilst pushing innovation with our forward-thinking and trend-focused designs.

Why stock Raspberry Blossom? 

  • Award-winning designs (several times over!)

  • Luxe print finishes on all products while being fully recyclable

  • Colourful, contemporary design that merchandises seamlessly together