Mama Buci is a social enterprise, Their vision is to bring ethically produced, sustainable, all-natural premium honey from the heart of Africa to the rest of the world.

Their unique, hand-built hives are fully sustainable and crafted by the community using waste wood from the forestry commission; they preserve the trees and provide a permanent hive for future communities to benefit from. They currently support over 7,000 families in Zambia by providing them with the hives, training and education needed to produce delicious pure honey. Their goal is to continue to grow in order to help more people produce and sell honey so they can make a real impact in both their families and communities’ lives.

Currently, they build over 150 beehives a day in our local Zambian workshop. They have provided over 120,000 beehives to the local community. The success of our enterprise has also allowed them to have a positive impact on the education of local young people, with many families now able to afford to send their children to school. Through the help of dear friends, honey lovers worldwide and their passionate ambassadors, Charlie Mackesy and Bear Grylls, they are spreading the message of our venture far and wide

Why stock Mama Buci?

  • Sustainable
  • Ethical
  • Pure