At LittlePod, we recognise that there is a climate change emergency. If we continue to not take dramatic action there will be irreparable consequences to the environment and society. We aim to invest our time and energy into doing what we can to support the environment and those who are taking the much-needed dramatic action.

LittlePod was formed to change people’s relationship with vanilla. 97% of vanilla in the west is artificial. LittlePod began by campaigning for real vanilla, to highlight both the environmental and flavour benefits of using natural vanilla over artificial vanilla or vanillin. Patricia Rain the ‘vanilla Queen’ explained that natural vanilla could be lost within a generation if we don’t act now. We launched a beautifully designed, innovative, zero waste vanilla bean paste in a tube to stabilise what is an unstable market and to support the farmers.

Our delicious paste has been specially created to give you a top quality vanilla in an easy a versatile form. Each tube contains the equivalent of 20 vanilla pods, seeds and all. It can be added to porridge, natural yogurt and all your home-baking. This vanilla paste also offers a value to all the farmers’ pods not just the long straight gourmet pods. With a 2-year shelf life it has been hailed a store cupboard essential.

Nearly a decade on we are still campaigning for real vanilla, spear-headed by our flagship Natural Vanilla Paste. The range has now extended to include vanilla, coffee and chocolate extracts, offering chefs high-quality natural ingredients in an easy to use form. This environmental mission and passion for storytelling remains at the heart of the company.

We aim to increase awareness of the environmental issues that affect our planet and work with the global community to bring natural ingredients to our customers’ kitchens.

The IPCCs Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has stated that ‘there is no realistic pathway which leads below the 2°C limit that does not involve reforestation.’ We are in the business of working with people, if there is not the demand for vanilla then these communities will cut down forests for alternative sources of income, such as cattle grazing or palm oil plantations.

The situation we and our planet find ourselves in needs the attention of us all. We are working with communities and people who we trust and who have the same drive as us to make a real difference. We believe what happens in the equatorial belt really matters. The soil and biodiversity in this region impact all of us.

We at LittlePod are proud of what we do and how we do it. For nearly 10 years we have worked with our core values in mind and they are the basis of all decisions LittlePod makes. We will continue to do so for another decade and beyond.


Dedication to the best product for our customers

We want to provide a product which offers a high quality, innovative and versatile form o