B Impact Score: 81.2

It all started with smelly poos...

Smudge and Boo are our world and like any pet parent, we want to give them the best pet food to help them live adventurous long lives. Over the years, we’ve struggled with upset tummies and poos that weren’t pretty! Until we discovered probiotics and the importance of gut health. Declaring war on bad poos, we quit our jobs to make natural pet food and treats, that’s kind to tummies and to the planet.

  • Responsible: Proudly British, we support local suppliers and gently cook our food in the UK
  • Gut Friendly: We add probiotics to our kibble and use slippery elm in our wet food and guilt free treats for great gut health.
  • Expert Sign-Off: Smudge and Boo are chief tasters and get the final say. Approved by vets & developed with nutritionists to meet FEDIAF guidelines.
  • Trusted: Honestly priced and transparent about what goes in (and what stays out) of our pet food.

Check out our range made with the finest natural ingredients from Organic Atlantic Salmon to gut friendly slippery elm, we have food and treats to delight even the fussiest of cats and dogs.