At Mr Organic we are positive about our food. We are always mindful of our ingredients and we work closely with our farmers and producers to provide sustainable, wholesome and delicious food that makes people healthy and happy.

Born over a decade ago, the main driving force has always been our ethical values, the 5ps:
Produce, Planet, Plant-based, People, Positivity.

During the past 10 years, we proved that being true to your ethics is the way forward. Our product range expanded from chopped tomatoes and tinned beans to stable cupboard essentials, such as ketchup, gnocchi or apple cider vinegar, bringing traditional Italian flavours to every household.

What makes our products unique? Never compromising on quality. Each bottle of our ketchup contains 30, whole, sun-ripened tomatoes, and our passatas are created within 5 hours from harvesting.

Our ‘Healthier choice’ pasta sauces are great for customers who are conscious about their health, as these products are made with no added sugar. We don’t forget about families either: we have two excellent Kid’s sauces, also made without any added salt or sugar. Pairing it up with our tortellini for an easy weekday dinner for one of those busy days.

All of our products are zero air mile certified and our glass jars and tins are BPA free and recyclable, making it a better choice for the planet too.

Mr Organic – Live positive, eat positive!