Sustainability, Ethical Production, and Harmony with Nature, Land, and Community are the cornerstones of ONSURI's mission. They proudly embrace Europe's most prestigious olive varieties - Arbequina, Arbosana, and Koroneiki, nurtured within their family orchards in Jordan's Fertile Crescent.

ONSURI stands out for its dedication to gender diversity, with women owning and managing 50% of their farm, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability in the olive oil industry amid climate change challenges.

ONSURI's olive oils have achieved remarkable recognition. Their family has garnered numerous gold awards at the prestigious NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, along with a remarkable world ranking of 2nd place by the non-profit EVOO World Rankings. In 2023, their farm, producing a diverse range of five olive varieties, secured 29 international awards across three continents, effectively disrupting industry norms while championing sustainable practices.

Known for their unique designs, ONSURI produces the highly coveted "Ultra"-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a distinction held by just 5% of global producers. Opening a tin of ONSURI's award-winning oils brings a touch of luxury with every pour. Their contemporary abstract designs redefine luxury, emphasizing authenticity and independence from mainstream trends, making each product genuinely unique.

ONSURI's Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils are renowned for exquisite flavours and enhanced taste profiles, ranging from grassy and peppery to floral and delicate, each with its own distinct character. They transform kitchens into sources of delight and inspiration.

Why stock ONSURI? 

  • Design innovation

  • Affordable luxury

  • Farm to Fork producer - operating as a carbon-negative, zero-waste sustainable farm offering "total" closed-loop transparent provenance – all stages of production, from cultivation and harvesting to transportation, milling, and bottling, are conducted exclusively