While Brits spend £5bn every year making their homes clean, most of the products they’re using aren’t. Laura Harnett, Founder of Seep, experienced the reality of this on a trip to her local supermarket where she found some great sustainable cleaning and laundry liquids, but no non-polluting cleaning tools to use them with. Seep are on a mission to stop 1 billion plastic cleaning tools from going into landfill by 2023. They’re already stocked in various retailers including Selfridges, Bower Collective, Oxfam and The Modern Milkman. They are also B Corp certified,  Best For The World, Carbon Neutral, and Ideal Home Approved, and have been featured in the likes of Elle Decoration, Financial Times, WIRED and Country & Town House. In a really old-fashioned and plastic-based category, Seep’s sustainability and innovation credentials stand out:

Their products are designed to be as circular as possible - this means they are compostable or infinitely recyclable with the product end-of-life in mind from the outset. All products are plastic-free starting from the materials used through to the packaging materials and printing dyes - this means no microplastics down the sink or going to landfill or incineration. Materials come from sustainably managed, renewable sources wherever possible - that means FSC or PEFC accredited wood pulp, bamboo, rubber and cardboard packaging. Their supply chain has been carefully vetted - they only source from approved suppliers with audits like BSCi who treat and pay their workers well and take responsibility for their environmental impact. They offset their carbon footprint by product with reforestation charity On A Mission who support the best global replanting projects that support biodiversity and livelihoods not just the lowest cost to plant a tree. They have a group of super-user customers called The Seep Suite who put all of their products to the test before they launch

Why stock Seep?

  • Plastic-Free
  • Washable and reusable
  • Compostable or recyclable