Naksha creates gourmet, shelf stable recipe kits inspired by food from extraordinary places. It works with chefs and artists to design distinctive and unique products which give customers an immersive gastronomic experience. Naksha’s concept answers an urge for adventurous, off-the-beaten track food that has now become a way of life.

Naksha’s recipe kits kits contain perfect portions of clean and high-quality specialist ingredients. Kits are flexible, suitable for vegans and non-vegans alike, and gluten free. Their twelve-month shelf life makes kits suitable for short-term impulse buys, long-term cupboard planning, gift buys and other shopping missions. They appeal to affluent and aspirational customers, as well as those who prize convenience, food variety and sustainability. Packaging is recyclable.

The recipe kit category is fast growing but the current range of cuisines is narrow. Customers understand and value the concept of assisted home cooking, yet recipe kits are either limited to Indian, Mexican, Japanese and Thai fare, or are basic, containing only spice blends and pastes. Naksha expands and innovates the category by introducing new flavours, stories, designs, experiences and cultures without compromising on the convenience and flexibility that customers demand.

The word “Naksha” means “map” in Sanskrit and “pattern” in Arabic. Our name expresses the spirit of adventure embodied by our recipes. We make it easy to cook better and more interesting food. With Naksha, exploration requires nothing more than a kitchen!

Why stock Naksha? 

  • Naksha recipes are more interesting and diverse, tapping into a growing consumer consciousness of food origin stories and preference for new and unexplored cuisines.

  • Cooking with Naksha is an immersive and enjoyable experience. It starts with beautiful packaging designed with exquisite hand-drawn art commissioned directly from local artists. The experience continues with thoughtful step-by-step recipes and quality ingredients that aren’t (and don’t feel) machine processed. A QR code guides customers to videos and photos. The user cooks quick and easy meals but enjoys the rewarding sense of hands-on involvement in a proper culinary invention.

  • The twelve-month shelf life of Naksha recipe kits makes them equally suitable for short-term impulse buys, long-term cupboard planning, gift buys, and other shopping missions. Naksha recipe kits appeal to aspirational and affluent customers, as well as those who prize convenience and food variety.