Franklin & Sons remains at the forefront of flavour discovery and innovation. The finest ingredients from around the world, are source and picked at their best. Only natural flavours, extracts and colours are used in recipes and never preservatives or sweeteners.

Each Franklin & Sons recipe was created to provide perfectly balanced standalone soft drinks. The inclusion of a third culinary ingredient, or spice, combined with subtle carbonation, gives unrivalled flavour complexity and effervescence. Ensuring the drinks are the go-to choice for complementing a wide range of dishes.

Taking inspiration from distillers and their focus on imaginative flavour infusions and expressions, Franklin & Sons has created a range of non-alcoholic soda waters. The infused sodas are best when chilled and served over ice in a tall wine glass, garnished with fresh fruit. Providing the flavour occasion of a cocktail serve for non-alcoholic occasions.

Developed alongside industry mixologists, The Flavour Collection grants bartenders unlimited opportunities to experiment with the finest gins, spirits and fortifies wines, to create stand-out serves.