Above all else, Broken Clock Vodka takes its inspiration from the timeless, beautiful surroundings of the English country garden.

When the Georgians created the concept of these painstakingly landscaped gardens they sought to tame wildlife and curated spaces for leisurely mindfulness where visitors could ‘break the clock’ and escape the mechanical ticking of modern life.

In homage to this they set out to create a quintessentially English vodka for slow enjoyment with classic flavours from old Georgian books and botanicals. As pleasure should not be rushed they use time honored production methods such as our traditional copper pot still in Cheshire.

The Broken Clock name and philosophy is influenced by the writing of Georgian author Laurence Sterne and it was during a visit to his original home at Shandy Hall in North Yorkshire where we discovered the three old, orchard trees where we gathered the organic, windfall apples for our recipe. Broken Clock Vodka now work closely with the Laurence Sterne Trust who are the charity that upkeep the house and gardens.

Broken Clock’s design is based on an original antique bottle found near to our distillery in Cheshire. The moulded glaze is emblazoned with the English rose and the closure is made from pure wood and is embellished with a pot metal ring engraved using an original William Morris typeface.