When we came up with our recipes, we realised that in order to be taken seriously they needed to be scrutinised by some of the world’s fussiest critics. We invited a discerning panel of toddlers and their parents to sample our dishes. The panel of little ones delighted us all by licking their plates clean and rubbing their happy little tummies.

So Little Pasta Organics was off to a good start.

We are passionate about properly made organic food. Inspired by the Italians’ love affair with delicious, simple everyday food, we make it our mission to bring real food into your little one’s daily life. We hope they too will grow to love the diverse flavours and textures that nature has on offer!

Little Pasta Organics promises to save you time with its easy-to-prepare meals that will never contain any added salt or sugar. We see it as our duty and privilege to make the most delicious and healthy meals possible for your little stars.