Nicola started Single Variety Co back in 2016 determined to make the very best tasting fruit preserves and chilli jams.  It all began from her kitchen at home in London. Visiting nearby farms she tried lots of different varieties of fruit and experimented until she had developed the tastiest jams using the least sugar possible, each jam showcasing the true flavour of the fruit.

She also visited chilli farms and chose three unique chillies to develop three chilli jams- one mild, one hot and one super hot! She began by selling at food markets across London, where lots of feedback was gained on the flavours to improve the quality. Over time Single Variety Co have been chosen to sit on the shelves of over 500 independent retailers, as well as gracing the shelves of Selfridges!

Six years down the line they now have their very own little jam factory in Bristol, complete with a team of dedicated jam makers. They are immensely proud to prep, cook, jar, lid, box and dispatch every jar, meaning they can focus on creating and delivering a first-rate experience from start to finish, and pride themselves on great quality and customer service.

Why stock Single Variety Co?

  • Each product showcases just one single variety, that is cooked in small batches as quickly as possible to preserve the freshest flavour.
  • Made with more fruit and less sugar than traditional jams
  • A Great Taste Producer, winners of multiple Great Taste Awards, Taste of the West Awards and Marmalade Awards.