SLABS makers, Great Food Affairs, owned and operated by Keith & Beege Robinson, based in Cheshire and specialising in the supply of quality snacks to independent businesses. Keith & Beege have been in the crisp business since they left school, some 35+ years ago! Beege & Keith wanted to create a crisp with a real big bite, a crisp that could be used with dips and soft cheeses yet still be a mighty delicious snack on its own. A unique variety of potato, robust, big and real food seasoning and the use of olive oil makes SLABS a unique crisp eating experience.

Launched in 2015, the SLABS 80g (RRP £2) bag has established itself as a firm favourite with UK farm shops, delis and specialist retailers and is now available in 8 flavours. In March 2020, SLABS launched its new range; CHUNKY CHIPS, 60g bags (RRP £1.49), made from huge SLABS of potato then double-cut to resemble a CHIP. CHUNKY CHIPS are the perfect on-the-go snack and are already proving very popular, now in 3 flavours and soon to be 4. The SLABS range ads real depth to your snack offer, not just another crisp brand but a genuinely unique potato snack that shoppers absolutely love.

Join us @SLABScrisps. We only supply specialists and independent businesses like you. We support all our customers with demo’s and samplings and we’re keen to help you get the most out of stocking SLABS via Cotswold Fayre.