Flour Created with Integrity

The grain ground at Shipton Mill provides flours that are unsurpassed in texture and flavour and have built a well-earned reputation among professional, artisan and home-bakers all over the country. A key part of the miller’s work is the selection of the very best grains, working alongside nature and what the climate and seasons can offer and using their skills to grind and blend those varieties providing bakers with consistently excellent and reliable results.

Provenance is Key

It is our pride to source exceptional grains, both home-grown varieties (such as Maris Widgeon) and offerings from agricultural lands all around the world. We actively promote the cultivation of rare and speciality grains. We believe in the need to preserve and retain varieties that are not readily available, and to promote the genetic diversity.

Regenerative Organic

Shipton Mill has been guided from day one by the mission to leave the earth in a better place than we inherit it.

We believe that the best tasting food is responsibly grown and we source our grains from growers that leave the lightest touch on the planet, working to regenerate the soil & steward the farm ecosystem. We champion an approach that rejects synthetic chemicals in favour of healthy soil and nutritious food.

Regenerative Organic farming is the best approach– for the environment, for our health, for animals and for our children!

Why stock Shipton Mill?

  • Comprehensive range of 11 flours, for all baking needs

  • All flours are regenerative organic

  • Distinctive packaging with unique painted illustration

  • Packaging is from sustainable source , using water based ink

  • New names – more customer friendly & easier selection